Vendor Spotlight: Muscle Rehab- Sports Recovery Bath Bombs & Soak

Professional athletics is a tough business.  You train hard, you play hard and, the win is hard!

We developed Muscle Rehab specifically for post training recovery.  It is very important.  The body has been taxed and ravaged, depleted of nutrients and often exhausted from physical and mental exertion.  Muscle Rehab Sports Recovery Bath Bombs and Soaks help you recover. We hand mix every batch of Muscle Rehab, as we do not want machines to heat up and start to degrade the essential oils.  Every batch of Muscle Rehab is made in Texas so we can easily get to you wherever you are in the US or Canada.

Muscle Rehab is made using USP Epsom (purest form of Magnesium Sulphate) infused with 10 essential oils and Arnica to help fight feelings of fatigue and tiredness. 

Pure Essential oils:

  • Eucalyptus- refreshes the body while providing a natural aromatic scent, also opens airways for deeper breathing
  • Clary Sage- to relax and calm
  • Vetiver- gives the body a sense of coolness
  • Ginger and Turmeric to aid with inflammation

Muscle Rehab works in cold or warm water and is perfect at home in the training facility or on the road in easy-to-use packages.

Enfusia & Muscle Rehab: 410 South Trade Center Pkwy A9. The Woodlands, TX  77385 281.681.0732


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