Vendor Spotlight: Migun

Introducing the newest members of your training staff, they will never call in sick or take a lunch break, and they are made for commercial use, so they never get tired.

The Migun Therapy table and Pain Relief Mats offer solid results for all types of athletes. Games, training, and travel can take a toll on professional athletes and all the people who support and help them. Staying healthy, preventing and recovering from injuries and getting quality sleep is hard to do with today?s demanding sports schedules.

A therapy session combines proven pain-relieving integrative medical practices of chiropractic, deep far- infrared heat therapy (FIR), massage therapy, and acupressure. The whole body treatment is warm, relaxing and stress relieving.

?The migun has been a great adjunct to our rehab and recovery process for our players. It is easy to use, and the players that have utilized the Migun have reported great benefits. ?

-Jim McCrossin Head Athletic Trainer Philadelphia Flyers

Designed to keep your body systems in balance, the Migun Therapy Table will help to enhance the performance and recovery of athletes and their support staff.

  • It gently massages,flexes and stretches shoulders, spine, hips, and legs while applying FIR heat and targeted acupressure to help relax hard to reach muscles such as the glutes, psoas, and piriformis.
  • It stimulates the metabolic process which aids in the processing of lactic acid and stimulates lymphatic flow.
  • The heat from FIR penetrates up to 3? deep, and the increase in circulation helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to speed healing.
  • It assists in the elimination of toxins, strengthens the immune system and enhances sleep quality.
  • Patented heated Jade massage heads apply acupressure in strategic locations to help balance the autonomic nervous system deep within the body which can help to bring balance to an over or under stimulated nervous system.
  • The treatment is done fully clothed (you only need to remove your belt and shoes) and can be done at a treatment center, a medical practitioner?s office, the locker room, at home or work.

The treatments also help to lower or relieve pain, including sports injuries, back pain, pinched nerves, bulging discs, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, whiplash, neuropathy and more.

?Migun Therapy Tables can travel with the team in medical equipment trunks and be easily set up.?

Migun?s patented design has received many awards for innovation and design, including the Swiss IFIA Gold award and the Technology Frontier award. The Therapy Table is FDA approved as a Class II Medical Device and can be used without a prescription. The treatment is safe, and there are no side effects.

?Migun offers results you can feel. I?ve seen no other medical device that so effectively massages and manipulates the soft tissues and mobilizes the SI joint and vertebral segments, decreasing muscle pain, improving T spine and lumbar spine mobility and alignment and that?s not even mentioning the effects of FIR heat!?

-Chris Pikosky LMT LA Kings 2010-2014 Team USA LMT 2016

What makes Migun products different from other products? Naturally, it?s our emphasis on quality. All Migun products are commercial grade and can be used personally or professionally. We use only the highest quality materials and standards. Our engineers have been perfecting the Migun Therapy Table for more than 20 years, we study and perfect the design until we see real proven results.

Clinical studies completed at the University of California Irvine and patient reports show this therapy to be more than 90% effective in helping to reduce or eliminate pain, stress and a variety of other symptoms. Migun is the only Multifunction Physiotherapy Table that has clinically proven results.

?Health professionals?rated (Migun?s Thermomechanical Therapy) effective among 75% -95% of patients with a variety of musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, neurological and other disorders.?
-Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, Oct 2003

Still using moist heat to warm muscles before practice and games? The Migun Mini Mat and Mini-Wrap offer deep penetrating FIR heat that can be felt up to 6 hours later.

  • It is a far-infrared negative ion treatment designed to relax muscles up to 3? deep. The FIR heat dilates blood vessels to assist with the removal of toxins, boost the immune system and helps to speed up the bodies own natural repair mechanisms.
    • Aids in the processing of lactic acid and floods the soft tissues with increased oxygen and nutrients.
    • It helps to prevent injuries and speed recovery times and helps to neutralize free radicals in our cells.
  • The Mini Mat is designed to treat large areas such as the back, thighs or calves.
  • The Mini Wrap is designed to treat smaller areas such as the lower back, shoulders, knees, hips, hands, ankles or feet and is easily cleanable.
  • Treatment is dry, can be used over clothing and is easily packed for travel.

If you are a visiting team coming to the Raleigh NC area to play the Hurricanes, our showroom is located only a few miles from the airport and only 10 minutes from the PNC Arena. We would be happy to schedule treatments for the team before or after the games.

Contact us today at or call us at 828- 684-1800 to inquire about a demonstration and trial use.

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