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Krampade? is a family-owned company with a revolutionary approach to solving muscle cramping, while also enhancing muscle performance and recovery. Our powdered drink formulations provide a rapidly absorbable form of dietary potassium that quickly resolves acute cramps and helps prevent the onset of cramps.

Krampade? is a unique formulation of electrolytes that rapidly mitigates acute cramping and helps prevent chronic muscle cramping, while promoting recovery from competi- tion and exercise. Our

Replenish, Renew, Recover We help to enhance muscle performance, endurance, recovery, while helping to prevent cramping and to rapidly stop acute cramps. Whether a weekend warrior, a hard core competitive athlete, or someone who suffers from cramping, we offer a simple, inexpensive solution.

Krampade? is used by top NCAA Division I hockey programs and professional hockey players and teams to enhance muscle performance and recovery, while helping to prevent and stop cramps. We are NCAA national championship tested, as we put our product lines to the ultimate test during the second half of UND men?s ice hockey?s 8th national championship season in 2015-16. Needless to say, we passed with flying colors!


Krampade? and American Hockey Coaches Association Krampade is the proud sponsor of the American Hockey Coaches? Association?s All-American Scholar Program, which recognizes achievement on the ice and in the classroom across men?s and women?s hockey at the NCAA DI, DII, and DIII levels. We are proud to collaborate with the AHCA to recognize these excellent young people who are building their academic and hockey prowess.

Krampade? and the NAHL Krampade is the official performance drink of the North American Hockey League. We joined the NAHL family in 2017 and have enjoyed working with this outstanding junior league to enhance players? expe-rience and development.

Krampade? and the Women?s League of the WCHA Krampade was one of several corporate sponsors of the Women?s League of the WCHA Final Faceoff in 2018. We support women?s hockey and helping these young women achieve their performance goals on the ice, while helping to prevent cramping.

formulations introduce a rapidly absorbable form of potassium that quickly resolves acute cramping (4K) and when consumed as part of a daily regimen (1K and 2K) help prevent the onset of chronic cramping. At Krampade??, we make our formulations on what your muscles lose and need most. Unlike any product in the market place, we provide the potassium that your muscles, heart, and brain needs to keep performance high and to help keep cramps at bay. Keep your- self ready for that next play, that next shift, that next period, that overtime with Krampade?.

We?re more than a sports drink We are an anti-cramping formulation. We make electrolyte replacement complete. We are a family company. We are a U.S.-based company.

We use U.S.-sourced ingredients. We are educators. We are philanthropy driven. We are transparent. We treat others like we want to be treated. We are Krampade?.

Based on Science, not Sweat? Our competitors base their formulations for electrolyte replacement upon the composi- tion of sweat. This assumes that all of the electrolytes lost in sweat provide a complete picture of electrolyte balance in the body. However, this is only a partial picture and this myopic view has created the dogma upon which nearly all electro- lyte/hydration sports drinks are based.

This sweat-centric view does not take into account the basic shift in kidney physiology and function during sweating. As the body loses sodium through sweat, the kidney shifts from wasting (losing) sodium to wasting potassium, result- ing in a loss of potassium from muscles as they function.

The more an individual sweats due to increased exertion, the more potassium is lost and at some point this depletion reaches the threshold for cramping.

Krampade? Lineup We currently have three different product lines in either a regular calorie (100-160 calories) or a reduced sugar version (40-80 calories). The 1K product line contains one gram of potassium per serving, the 2K product line contains two grams of potassium per serving,
and the 4K contains four grams of potassium per serving. All of our products are formulated with natural lemon-lime, orange, and fruit punch flavors. (Reduced sugar products are available only in lemon-lime). All powders produce a colorless liquid upon addition of water.

Krampade? Rookies Coming in January of 2019 to the Krampade lineup in single serving is Krampade? 2.0 containing magnesium chloride (MgCl2), which will mask the saltiness that some of our customers find unfavorable in Krampade?. Our new sugar-free Kramplytes uses mag- nesium to mask the saltiness of the potassium, perfect for customers seeking a sugar free option.

Krampade? offers a lot for just $6 for a 2.5 gallon (19 individual servings). Call us at 1-833-572-6733 to see how easy it is to provide our unique products to your athletes.


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