Vendor Spotlight: Keep Players on the Ice with Multi Radiance  Laser Therapy and WellVu Thermal Imaging

Multi Radiance Medical has teamed up with WellVu Thermal Imaging to complement our trusted lineup of therapeutic lasers. When used together, laser therapy and infrared thermal imaging create a seamless system for the early detection of injuries, targeted treatment of all areas that would benefit, and continuous monitoring of the athlete’s physiological state for optimum performance.

Injury Prevention and Detection

Incorporating regular infrared thermal screenings as a standard practice during training sessions and post-game assessments can be a game-changer. Infrared thermal imaging serves as a vital physiological screening tool, identifying early signs of strain or stress in anatomical regions that might potentially progress into injuries. The WellVu medical-grade thermal imaging camera, with its user-friendly interface, effortlessly unveils a wealth of physiological data, enabling rapid detection of thermal anomalies closely linked to physical conditions.

Moreover, when injuries inevitably do occur, thermal imaging technology proves invaluable in providing a comprehensive picture of the injury’s extent. It goes beyond merely pinpointing the affected area and can uncover how other anatomical regions are compensating for the injury, offering crucial insights that aid in crafting effective treatment and rehabilitation strategies.

Targeted Treatments

All treatments are more effective when they’re administered exactly where they’re needed. Thermal imaging provides a “treatment roadmap,” highlighting which areas need attention so you can get the most out of every treatment.

Multi Radiance Therapeutic Lasers, trusted by over 150 professional and collegiate sports teams, also allow you to target treatments and achieve excellent results at every stage of care. The MR5 ACTIV® PRO line of lasers provides versatile treatment options, whether you’re treating a large area or doing precise trigger point work.

Deliver Precise Treatments with the ACTIV PRO LaserStim™

Featuring 50 W of peak super pulsed power and combining laser and e-stim, the cordless ACTIV PRO LaserStim boasts both short treatment times and versatile treatment options. Included laser acupuncture and trigger point probes enable you to treat with precision.

Treat Large Areas with the ACTIV PRO LaserShower

Looking to treat larger areas? The ACTIV PRO LaserShower provides therapy to nearly an 8-times greater coverage area. This super pulsed laser features 200 W of peak power, giving you the flexibility to quickly and effectively treat large areas.

Objective Progress Monitoring

Thermal images provide an easy way to evaluate response to treatment – that both you and your athlete can see. Consecutive infrared thermal images, over time, provide an objective way to monitor the response to treatment. This visualization provides objective data that is then used to guide and possibly modify treatment decisions during the entire course of therapy.

The MR5 ACTIV PRO therapeutic laser is effective at managing pain and increasing circulation. Thermal imaging can identify physiological changes to show how an area is responding to therapy. Each disorder changes daily, and the more accurate the evaluation of the progress of the athlete, the faster they will recover.

Encourage Compliance

When treatments are effective, and you can quantify progress, compliance comes naturally. Athletes love Multi Radiance laser therapy treatments because they are very effective, and trainers love WellVu Thermal Imaging because it allows the athlete to visualize the progress in recovery they are accomplishing.

When your athlete sees their knee lit up with inflammation on a thermal image, it’s much easier to get them to follow treatment recommendations – especially when you’re treating with laser therapy. MR5 ACTIV PRO therapeutic lasers quickly relieve pain and hasten return to function so athletes feel better, faster. Thermal imaging then reaffirms this improvement, but also reveals if there is more work to do, keeping athletes compliant with continuing treatment even after they feel better.

Lock In Results

Send your athletes home with a therapeutic laser to continue treatment and lock in results. The PainAway Home Care Laser 2.0 is safe, effective, and easy to use. It is cordless with a rechargeable battery for treatments anywhere and anytime.

Chubb has approved Multi Radiance’s PainAway Home Care Laser 2.0 to be prescribed for any injured player in the NHL and AHL. The prescription process is simple – the Team Athletic Trainer or Team Physician completes a short form and submits to Smart Recovery Technologies for approval and dispensing.

Schedule a meeting here or contact John Bruno at or 440-796-8848 to learn more about Multi Radiance Medical and WellVu Thermal Imaging.


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