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Introduced to NHL players in late 2020, the new CCM Super Tacks X helmet is a revolutionary product that is turning heads worldwide. Built from years of research and testing; this helmet features CCM’s newest pro-approved shell design and the new NEST Tech liner. This new liner is built with a 3D printed lattice structure which is extremely breathable, provides an elite level of protection and is known for its amazing fit and feel.

Auston Matthews


CCM’s NEST Tech liner was developed by CCM’s team of leading engineers and industrial designers in collaboration with the 3D printing company Carbon. Partnering with Carbon helped the team understand the capabilities of 3D printing, and how hockey player’s need for elite protection could be met using different densities and geometries of the lattice throughout the liner.

CCM performs extensive testing on all their helmets, testing beyond certification in industry standards to provide the best protection at an elite level of play. The Super Tacks X is no exception and underwent vigorous testing to ensure that the NEST Tech liner helps to distribute all types of hockey impacts in key areas.


CCM works with the University of Ottawa to conduct studies on the effect of head and body temperature on the players performance. The results show that a cooler head helps to maintain peak performance throughout play. The unmatched breathability from the NEST Tech liner means that players have improved heat management, leaving them more energy to make the best decisions on the ice. Not only will this helmet improve performance throughout the game, but it will also help players recuperate faster between shifts.


The Super Tacks X helmet is the first certified fully customized made-to-measure helmet in the NHL.  The customization begins with a comprehensive proprietary scan of the player’s head. This scan provides the data needed to custom print the NEST Tech liner for that player, which is printed by Carbon to fit the exact shape and needs of each player’s head.

The Super Tacks X was the fastest adopted CCM helmet at the NHL. Pro usage has skyrocketed with over 94 NHL Pro players wearing it to start the 21-22 season. CCM has also seen many Pro players switch helmet brands to access the benefits of the Super Tacks X, which is a true testament to the protection, comfort, and style of the Super Tacks X.


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