Toe Cap Repair

By Ian Cox, Assistant Equipment Manager, Ottawa Senators

For this newsletter, we decided to do something a little different.

We recently posted some pictures of a broken toe cap repair on Instagram which garnered a lot of interest from people.  I will go a little more in depth on how we did the repair. 

To set the scene, we were on the road, (of course haha) in San Jose. The skate belonged to a player that was new to us and didn’t have a second pair of skates at that point, so we really had to scramble.

First off, this isn’t a common repair for us as players get into new skates fairly frequently before things break down. It was sink or swim so first off, we had to find a matching toe cap. Mike and Vinny to the rescue, they had a player with the same model Skate that they could part with.

From there, the actual repair was easier than expected. There are two rivets in the sides that pop out with the machine, the side stitching and the tongue can be sliced.

From there the cap pops off relatively easy.   After that, we just repeated the steps, glued the bottom lip of the cap, slid it on, stitched the sides and replaced the side rivets.

Lastly, sewed the tongue back in and that was it! Honestly this was easier than it looks, it was the first time for us as I mentioned earlier.

If anyone has any other questions on how we did it or anything else repair wise, we are happy to answer any questions.

All photos courtesy of Ian Cox.

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