Shot Blockers

By Chris Davidson-Adams
Head Equipment Manager, Vegas Golden Knights

Blocking shots is something every player is now asked to do.  It?s not like the ?old days? where rugged, skilled players wouldn?t think about it, it?s a necessity.  It?s even a player statistic you can look up! With that, we as equipment managers are tasked with protecting the players so they aren?t scared of blocking shots. 

When I was first hired as Head Equipment Manager of the Vegas Golden Knights, one of my first tasks was to go over policies and culture with our General Manager, George McPhee.  It was an easy decision by both of us to encourage all players to wear hand and foot protection.  All players were very receptive and understanding of this. 

With so many great products and a variety of applications you can accommodate players how they see fit.  We use several products for foot protection ranging from Ultra Stop by Custom Skates Works, Helskore Skate Armour, No Shifts Missed, to Laboratoire Orthopediques.  All the manufacturers of gloves have options for hand protection which makes it easier now.  Custom Pro Repair makes great specialized products for those more challenging pads and injury protection.  From full foot to sides only, from full hand to knuckles only, if a player can dream it we do it.

Photos courtesy of Chris Davidson-Adams

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