PHATS Member Spotlight – Mike Vogt

Mike Vogt, Head Athletic Trainer, Columbus Blue Jackets

PHATS: What made you want a career in the athletic training profession and how did you get your start?

MV: I originally wanted to become a PT, but after working in a clinic and hospital through college, I realized I needed to be involved with sports and a team.  I had played sports my whole life and really missed being a part of a team.  I felt athletic training was perfect for me.

PHATS: Tell us about your transition from being an Assistant Athletic Trainer with Minnesota to becoming the Head Trainer with the Columbus Blue Jackets

MV: It was an easier transition for me because I had worked with, and knew well, the team physicians for CBJ.  I also had experience as a head athletic trainer in the WNBA and an athletic trainer with the University of Minnesota Men?s Hockey Team, which meant I had to handle all aspects, like a head athletic trainer, for the team.

PHATS:  You bring experience from not only the NHL, but the NCAA and the WNBA.    How has experience in other leagues and sports enriched your career?

MV: I have been very fortunate in my career and am very thankful to have had many opportunities to learn and grow as a person and professional.  My experiences from other leagues has enabled me to take a wide range of learning experiences in many different environments and use them in a positive way to become better, not only an athletic trainer, but as a person.

PHATS:  For those just starting out as athletic trainers, what is the best piece of advice you were given when you began your career?  

MV: You never know what will happen?what will lead to something else.  You should always do the best job you can no matter what position you have. Never stop trying to learn and improve.  I feel very lucky; but learned that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so make the most of every opportunity afforded you.

PHATS: How has being involved with PHATS and the annual meeting helped you professionally? 

MV: I feel open discussion with other health care providers, practicing known techniques, and learning new things from others is very important.  Being involved with PHATS has helped me in those areas.  It is also an opportunity for me to share my experiences and knowledge.

PHATS:  What is your biggest satisfaction of the job?

MV: Helping athletes achieve their goals while being a part of a team.

PHATS: What is your biggest challenge of the job?

MV: Time?it?s very valuable and it?s hard to control.  Athletic trainers have to be very good planners so they can maximize their time between family, job, and self.

PHATS:  How do you balance the demands of this job with your family life? 

MV:  I do my best to plan ahead but most importantly, I am so unbelievably blessed to have a wonderful wife who understands the demands of the job.  She runs the whole household, while working full time herself, without me.  I couldn?t do this job without her!

PHATS:  What other Athletic Trainers do you admire? Why?

MV: Don Fuller?he showed me the way early on and is my mentor.  If it wasn?t for him, I wouldn?t be here.

PHATS:  What do you look forward to in the off-season?

MV: Family, plain and simple.  It is a time for me to recharge the batteries and get back to my life, my family.

PHATS: Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

MV: I’m from Canton, Ohio.  I am married to Monica and have two children, Cole (11) and Olivia (9).  Both kids are very active with sports and school activities.  A lot of our time, especially my wife, is spent driving kids to sporting events.  In the summer, we try to travel and be as active outside as possible.  I like to fish, hike, and travel with my family.

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