By John Forget, Head Equipment Manager, Ottawa Senators


This will be my fourth time working with Team Canada at an international event.  This will be my first with the Olympic team as the first three were at World Championships.

I found out about this great opportunity some time ago.  It was in conjunction with being asked to go to Latvia for the 2021 World Championships. It was a pretty amazing moment because my oldest son Holden was right there with me when I was asked about it! But, keeping the news quiet until the staff was publicly announced was a challenge!

So far, we have had a few Zoom calls with coaches and management to discuss various planning initiatives, schedule logistics, protocols, and more.

Having the opportunity to work with Darren Granger has been second to none. The level of professionalism that he brings to the role is admirable and his passion for the work is something that I often aim to emulate.

Recently, the staff had the opportunity to meet in person in Banff. It was our first chance to really divide tasks and get the preparation stage officially underway. Darren and I have split a long list of potential players and coaches.  I’ll be responsible to contact the respective player’s NHL team equipment managers in the Eastern Conference while Darren will be responsible for those in the Western Conference.

We’ve also been in contact with our individual suppliers to get a head start on ordering the various items that we’ll need to bring with us.  COVID has caused many challenges on delivery times for equipment needs so getting a jump on ordering is vital.

Any time that I am afforded a chance to represent Canada, that is something I take great pride in. I am really looking forward to getting to Beijing and setting up! To have the chance at winning a gold medal is awesome!  It would be the experience of a lifetime for me!

The Olympics might look a little different on account of COVID-related restrictions but I’m certain that Darren and myself, along with the rest of the staff, will provide the players with the best environment possible and one that is reflective of the Canadian way. Go Canada Go!!

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