Functional Range Conditioning

By Dom Nicoletta, Head Athletic Trainer, Ottawa Senators

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This past summer the Ottawa Senators hosted a Functional Range Conditioning (F.R.C.) continuing education course. The course was attended by some of the sports medicine staffs and strength and conditioning coaches from Ottawa, New York and Detroit. Health care professionals from Carelton University, University of Toronto and the greater Ottawa area also attended. The course was developed by world renowned musculoskeletal and human movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina. The FRC is a system of mobility training that is based on scientific principals and research. The goals of the system are to promote mobility and flexibility development, articular health, performance enhancement and rehabilitation and prevention.

FRC works by systematically expanding the body?s range of motion, while simultaneously teaching the nervous system how to control the newly acquired ranges. In other words, through specific and safe training methods, we are able to capture passive range of motion and convert them to usable active range of motion. As a result, during the development of improved mobility, the system ensures the simultaneous development of tissue strength and resilience in the newly acquired ranges.

This is a 2 day course of mainly hands on, practical work. Most of the lectures and theory can be digested beforehand, through the video presentations that you will have access to weeks before the course. The instructors Michael Ranfone and Dana Heimbecker are working coaches and provide valuable and practical applications for the system. They made the process easy to digest and were very generous with their expertise and knowledge. Plus they were good guys too!

This is not your typical mobility/stretching seminar. This is truly an exploration of how to train and acquire new ranges of motion. There is nothing passive about the process and it definitely requires effort and commitment. In saying that, the course is so well laid out that the techniques can be regressed and/or progressed as is needed to fit whatever stage of the rehab process you are in. I cannot recommend this course enough. It was really well done! For more information please visit

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