Let’s Get Kraken

By Mike Booi, Head Athletic Trainer, Seattle Kraken PHATS:  When did you find out that you would be joining the Kraken? MB:  About 5-6 months ago. Somewhere in the middle of October 2020. It’s been a blur. It actually happened quite quickly. We were fully immersed in PPE ordering after the bubble experience when I […]

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Composite Hockey Sticks and Wrist Injuries: The ECU Tendon

By Herb von Schroeder MD, Liam Plewes, and Steve McCabe MD In the 1980s, the shift from laminated wood hockey sticks to aluminum-wood composite sticks with aluminum shafts and wooden blades was a technological advancement that changed the game. In the late 1990s, full composite sticks were introduced, balancing the flexibility and lightness of wooden […]

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Mark Brennan in the News

After nearly four decades in junior and pro hockey, the Winterhawks’ head equipment manager is calling it quits, and you can just call him “Peaches.”. Click here to view the article on kptv.com. For these articles and much more be sure to Like our Facebook page, phats.sphem

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My NHL Bubble Experience

By Alex Menezes, Asst. Equipment Manager, Ottawa Senators          As we all know 2020 has been kind of a strange year, from ending our hockey seasons in mid March to watching a Stanley cup being raised in October, in a Bubble, who would have thought.          Some of you reading this may or may not […]

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Behind the Scenes of Sports, COVID Edition

By Grace Heidinger             It has been almost eight months since the world was hit by the coronavirus. For the sport’s world, that meant no live games, tournaments, or championships during this time. However, since then, the pause on sports has been lifted, but the industry is still facing challenges as a result of the […]

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Lightning Strikes in the Bubble

Mike Poirier, Asst. Athletic Trainer and Rob Kennedy, Asst. Equipment Manager with this year’s Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning take us into the Bubble from day one in Tampa to 91 days later hoisting the Cup in Edmonton! How long where you in the Bubble? MP: For me personally, 91 days. I entered the […]

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Skip Cunningham in the News

He’s been with the Carolina Hurricanes’ franchise since 1972. Now he plans to retire. By Chip Alexander. The Carolina Hurricanes could soon be losing their longest tenured employee. Equipment manager Skip Cunningham, who has been with the hockey franchise since 1972, plans to retire, Canes president and general manager Don Waddell said in an interview […]

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Skate Blade Alignment Options for Goaltenders: Could be a Gamechanger

By Kelly Lockwood, PhD and Colin Dunne MSc, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Brock University Traditionally, the cowling on a goaltender skate boot has served to protect the foot and hold the blade in position. Consistent with current innovations in players’ skates, the material properties of the goaltenders’ skate boot have evolved from leather to […]

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Sports Fight the Coronavirus, Too

By Grace Heidinger   Social distancing and self-quarantine have become the new normal for people across the world as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Surrounded by uncertainty, people are filled with mixed emotions about what the future holds for all aspects of life, including sports. Once COVID-19 began to rapidly spread across the country, […]

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Eric & Gavin Bechtol in the News

Sports are special for a variety of reasons, one such being how it seems to create bonds between people. In sports, friends become family, families become friends, and family itself comes closer together with fond memories that will last a lifetime. Click here to continue reading For these articles and much more be sure to […]

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