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The Winnipeg Jets Take us to the 2019 Heritage Classic

By Jason McMaster, Head Equipment Manager, Winnipeg Jets The 2019 Heritage Classic in Regina was a great experience for our whole organization.  Saskatchewan is a very passionate hockey province, and embraced the opportunity to have an NHL outdoor game there. The city of Regina was a great host.   The Saskatchewan Roughriders were generous enough […]

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Rehabbing the High-Performance Athlete

By Hayley Wickenheiser, Assistant Director, Player Development, Toronto Maple Leafs

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The Toronto Maple Leafs Take Us to Newfoundland

By Brian Papineau, Head Equipment Manager, Toronto Maple Leafs Why did the organization choose Newfoundland for their training camp location? With our ECHL team (Newfoundland Growlers) based in St. John?s and the older AHL affiliation (St. John?s Maple Leafs from 1991-2005), the organization decided it was best to hold training camp there. Is this the […]

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Shot Blockers

Blocking shots is something every player is now asked to do. It?s not like the ?old days? where rugged, skilled players wouldn?t think about it, it?s a necessity. It?s even a player statistic you can look up! With that, we as equipment managers are tasked with protecting the players so they aren?t scared of blocking shots.

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Applying Spinal Stabilization/Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR)

By Rick Garner CEP, Team Paramedic Arizona Coyotes and Arizona State University

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The Tale of #79

By Scott LivingstonB.SC., CAT(C), CSCS, Founder ReconditioningHO As Christmas 2011 was nearing, we were slowly ramping up for the holidays in anticipation of all the wonder in our two and half year- old daughter?s eyes. Santa Clause was still real, and we had already begun the soon to be tradition of hiding the Elf on […]

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Assessing the Split Squat and It?s Implications for the Hockey Player

By Jon Geller, Asst. Athletic Trainer, Toronto Maple Leafs As Athletic Therapists/Trainers, Physiotherapists, and Strength Coaches, our goal is to keep our players on the ice, performing at optimum levels. I believe that movement assessments are valuable in order to offer insight into how each athlete moves in a specific context, and to mitigate potential […]

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Thinking In New Boxes: How Performance Therapy Shapes Perception

By Dr. Jas RandhawaSports Medicine/Performance Therapy Lead ALTIS email: Twitter: @jrsportperform Creating The Process Driven Therapist The ever-changing landscape of High-Performance sport lends itself to be volatile and complex in the best of times. To further compound the issue is the scarcity of time, which in the truest sense becomes a commodity amongst performance […]

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