Directory & Website Advertising Opportunities

Thank you to our Partners!

We are pleased to announce the Advertising Opportunities for the PHATS/SPHEM Website and Directory.

Not only will we be offering advertising opportunities in the?PHATS/SPHEM Directory, but also our own?official Website, that all members use on a daily basis to stay informed, work more efficiently and network. Between the Directory and Website you will be reaching more Athletic Trainers and Equipment Managers and generating top dollars for your company. The official website offers links back to the advertisers’ home page which will make the product buying process more convenient for the supplier and member.

Please take this time to look over our exciting packages that are being offered exclusively to you. Advertising with PHATS/SPHEM will assist in creating a winning season for you and your company!

If you are interested in advertising or would like to purchase a Directory, please contact the PHATS/SPHEM office either via email at or phone 888.460.9003 to discuss. In preparing to advertise with PHATS/SPHEM, we have listed below the pdf fillable order forms that you can email to or print and fax back to the PHATS/SPHEM office at 914.556.6255.

Thank you for supporting PHATS/SPHEM!


Front or Back Cover

Includes 3 complimentary Directories


Inside Front or Back Cover

Includes 3 complimentary Directories


Bottom Page Logo Package

2 Complimentary Directories with each Bottom Page Logo Order


Full Page Ad Package

Pricing is based on the specific section type.

Full Page Colored Advertisement

3 Complimentary Directories with each Full Page Order

  • NHL Section $500.00
  • Schedule/NHL Teams $500.00
  • Supplier Index $500.00
  • AHL Section $500.00
  • ECHL Section $450.00
  • All Other Sections $350.00
Supplier Listing Package

1 Complimentary Directory with each Supplier Listing.

Supplier listings are in black and white and can be purchased as 1/3, 2/3 and full pages. The average 1/3 page listing will hold 3-4 contacts. Listings consists of your logo, company contact information and individual contacts.

  • Full Page Listing $750.00
  • 2/3 Page Listing $600.00
  • 1/3 Page Listing $400.00

$50.00 each

$25.00 each for Directory Advertisers & Members

10% discount for 3 or more Directory orders

Please Note:

Current Advertisers have the right to retain location please call before ordering.


Due to many changes in personnel over the past year, it is imperative we update our members and supplier listings so we have the most accurate information for your records.


We are very excited to announce our brand new PHATS/SPHEM Website Advertising Opportunities!

Platinum Website Sponsor


  • Full-page ad or vendor spotlight in the Newsletter
  • Directory Ad and Listing
  • Linkable logo on website for one calendar year
  • 4 Quarterly social media posts

Gold Website Sponsor


  • Full-page ad or vendor spotlight in the Newsletter
  • Linkable logo on website for one calendar year

Silver Website Sponsor


  • Linkable logo on website for one calendar year

Immediate Release Articles


  • Immediate releases featured on our News & Articles Tab and “In the News” section on the Home Page for 1 month
  • Contact Anita Ramsay to post

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