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2020 PHATS/SPHEM Conference Cancelation

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Although the PHATS/SPHEM Annual Meeting was canceled, our loyal vendors would like to continue to support our two societies during these unprecedented times.  
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Covid-19: How we can help

From the NATA, help combat #COVID19 by working with understaffed hospitals and health care organizations. Create a profile in the Go4Ellis app to be connected to those in need. Or update an existing profile. https://go4ellis.com/


In 1973, both the NHL and NHLPA had officially recognized the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Association. Over the next 20 years, the organization continued to expand its ranks to include both athletic trainers and equipment managers from the AHL, ECHL, SPHL, NCAA, OHL, WHL, QMJHL and USHL.

In 1996, members voted to divide the organization into two equal societies which would continue to strive to meet common goals, as well as focusing on the specific needs of athletic trainers and equipment managers.

Today, the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society (PHATS) and the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM) boast over 600 members, who represent more than 100 Professional, NCAA and Canadian Junior League teams from across North America and Europe.

PHATS/SPHEM 2021 Annual Conference

June 13-19, 2021



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